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This webpage has been designed to give potential student-athletes and their parents an easy to follow set of guidelines in the process of becoming a recruited collegiate student-athlete. We at Palm Beach Atlantic University know that God has a place for everyone when it comes to your future and this webpage can hopefully answer all the questions and concerns that potentially come up during the recruitment process and your search for extending your education. If you have any questions during the process, please don't hesitate to contact the PBA Athletic Department for assistance.

Who We Are

Palm Beach Atlantic University is a NCAA Division II institution that currently competes as an Independent in the highly-competitive NCAA South Region. Known as the "Sailfish", PBA is a provisional member of the Sunshine State Conference and has something to offer for many different athletes. To learn more about PBA:
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What We Are About
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Recruiting Process

We understand that the recruiting process can be rather lengthy and tough to navigate for both student-athletes and their parents. While completing the proper paperwork and making sure the right documents are turned in from your high school can be challenging at times, we advise each prospective student-athlete (PSA) that is interested in Palm Beach Atlantic University (or any university for that matter) to read through and follow these specific steps to make sure you are eligible when it comes time for you to enroll in classes.

Meet with your high school guidance counselor and tell him/her that you are interested in participating in athletics at the Division II level. You and your counselor should go over your transcripts to ensure you are meeting all necessary NCAA core-course and grade point average requirements.

2. One critical aspect of the recruiting process is registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center. We recommend completing this registration sometime during your junior year of high school so you have plenty of time to submit all necessary documentation. The Eligibility Center is a branch of the NCAA that certifies prospective student-athletes academically and regarding amateurism to compete in NCAA Division I or II athletics. You can do this online by visiting:

3. If you decide that Palm Beach Atlantic is a school you are interested in and would like to begin the process of communicating with one of our coaches and a member of our Admissions staff, please take a few minutes to fill out our online questionnaire.
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4. Complete your application to PBA. The great news is you can do this online by visiting:

5. While seeing high school athletes compete in-person in a tryout or at one of your school’s athletic contests is often times the best way for our coaches to evaluate your skills, this cannot always be done for each and every prospective student-athlete. Many of our coaches like the opportunity to view your skills through a DVD or by visiting an online link of your performance and/or skills (i.e. youtube, recruiting websites, etc.). To send a copy of your skills DVD, please send it to the attention of the head coach of the sport or sports you are interested in to the following address:

Palm Beach Atlantic University
Attn: Coach _________
901 S. Flagler Dr.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Recruiting Regulations and Common Terms

Now that you have reviewed the process of what it takes to become a recruited student-athlete at Palm Beach Atlantic, we want to provide you with some basic regulations and information about different terms that you may or may not be aware of when considering your collegiate future.

You become a prospective student-athlete (PSA) when you begin classes in the ninth grade. You become a recruited prospective student-athlete (RPSA) if any coach or athletics representative approaches you or your family about enrolling and participating in athletics. Here are some other important NCAA regulations you should know:

* A coach may begin sending a PSA printed recruiting materials September 1 of his/her junior year in high school.

* A college coach may call a PSA only once per week beginning June 15 after his/her junior year in high school.

* A college coach is limited to three in-person contacts off-campus.

* A PSA may make an unlimited number of unofficial visits to campus at any time.

* A PSA may make official visits no sooner than the first day of classes of his/her senior year.

* A PSA may make only one official visit per college and up to a maximum of five official visits to various colleges, prior to initial collegiate enrollment.

An unofficial visit is defined as any visit by a PSA and his/her parents to a college campus paid for by a PSA or their parents. The only expense you may receive from the college is three complimentary admissions to a home athletics contest. A PSA can make as many unofficial visits as they like and they can be taken at any time. The only time a PSA cannot talk with a coach during an unofficial visit is during a dead period, which is explained below.

An official visit is defined as any visit to a college campus by a PSA and their parents paid for in part or in full by the institution. An official visit may not exceed 48 hours. Before a college may invite a PSA to come for an official visit, his/her will have to provide the college with a copy of their SAT, ACT, PSAT, PACT, or PLAN score.

During a dead period, a college coach may not have any in-person contact with a PSA or their parents at any time. During a quiet period, a college coach may not have any in-person contact with a PSA or their parents off the college's campus. The coach may not watch a PSA play or visit his/her high school during this period. A PSA and their parents may visit a college during this time. A coach may write a PSA or their parents during this time.

Men’s Basketball

Quiet Periods
June 1 through June 14; August 2 through September 6; October 15 to the date of a PSA’s initial high school or two-year college contest.

Dead Periods
During the 48 hours before 7 a.m. on the initial date for signing the National Letter of Intent; and the Thursday before the start of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship game through noon on Tuesday after the game.

Women’s Basketball

Quiet Periods
June 1 through June 14; August 2 through September 6; October 15 to the date of a PSA’s initial high school or two-year college contest.

Dead Periods
During the 48 hours before 7 a.m. on the initial date for signing the National Letter of Intent; and the Saturday before the start of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship game through noon on Wednesday after the game.

All Other Sports

During the 48 hours prior to 7 a.m. on the initial date for the fall and spring signing of the National Letter of Intent.

Financial Aid and Scholarships at PBA

The cost of attending college typically includes tuition and fees, room and board, books, transportation, and other personal costs. The responsibility of covering the cost of college attendance lies with students and/or their families, however a majority of students are able to take advantage of a range of financial aid opportunities -- such as scholarships, grants, and loans -- to help offset some of these costs.

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are offered in all Palm Beach Atlantic University varsity sports, the amount of which is determined by the head coach and is based on athletic ability. All scholarships are offered for the period of one year and may be renewed annually by the recommendation of the coach. Amounts vary based on the needs of both the team and the year. We also believe very strongly in being good stewards of our limited resources so it is very important that our coaching staff and administrators put strong thought and prayer into these decisions. Walk-on positions are also available on all of PBA’s 11 varsity teams through participation in a tryout.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are available to incoming freshmen and transfer students. A variety of factors are considered by the PBA Financial Aid Office in determining a student’s award. Examples of such awards include university grants and need-based awards. To apply for need-based financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1 of your senior year and list PBA as a specified recipient. Click Here to Complete the FAFSA Online.

How do I Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid?

When you submit your admission application to PBA, you are automatically applying for institutional scholarship consideration. No additional scholarship application is required.

Click Here to Visit our Financial Aid Web Site for More Information

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