Sailfish Ministry Blog: Andrew Kanarr from Jamaica Day Five and Six

Andrew Kanarr

TRELAWNY, Jamaica- Andrew Kanarr and his men's soccer teammates continue with their travels through Jamaica. Read as Andrew shares about what the experience has met to him not only as a follower of Christ but using soccer as an avenue for sharing about what God's done.

Day 5:
Today was our first day in Trelawny. Today was also the first day in Jamaica we didn't have a game scheduled. We started off the morning by having a devotion out by the water on a small little peninsula. After praise and worship, Clay spoke in regards to how we should take w hat we learned from our trip and how to apply it over this summer, and when we go back to the states. It was pretty remarkable to be singing worship and glance to the beauty of the ocean and mountains of Jamaica. After the devotion, we basically had a free day. There were hundreds of things that could of been done at the hotel; but the most common were either taking over the kid's water slide, sitting on the beach soaking up the sun, or renting jet-ski's to cruise the ocean. With this being our free day and all, of course we had to find a game of soccer. Around 3:00 pm we were challenged by the employees of the hotel to a game of 6v6 beach soccer.  Its pretty astonishing how we can so easily build respect and small bits of fame by playing the God given gift of soccer. While some of the team was still playing 6v6, the rest of the team held a soccer clinic for a children's school who took a trip to the hotel. After the clinic was over, we paired up into 2 small groups and shared who Christ is and what he had done for us.

At night, we all got together and did another devotion. This time, we gathered on the staircase of an empty hallway. With our voices echoing from the empty room, our worship songs seemed as if they were being song in an auditorium, bouncing of the walls. I like the fact, even during our down time, we can still lift up our thanks to God and continue to praise Him.

Day 6:
Today was started off with a quick breakfast and a bus ride to our 4th game in 5 days. We were scheduled to play Knibbs High school, which was Usien Bolt's old high school. It was pretty interesting to see where Bolt, the fastest man on earth, grew up and went to high school. Our team won 3-1 over the high school with the help of Cheyne Roberts and Mauricio Londono. Cheyne scored in the first half with a volley in the box, followed by his second goal coming from a penalty kick in the second half. John Clark assisted Mauricio with his first time shot from outside of the 18 yards box. This concluded our last games in Jamaica, since our team donated our cleats, balls, and bags to the high school kids. After the game, Chance was able to speak to the kids in a circle, telling them that Christ can redeem them from all the sin they were surrounded by. Once Chance was done, most of the team gave their shin guards, sweaty socks, and other gear to kids so that they can play in a clinic we put on. With rainfall on the way, we watched the kids run around playing soccer all with smiles on their faces. After our clinic, the team was introduced to real tropical rainfall. For a few hours; thunder, lightning, and heavy rainfall kept us in our rooms. Most, if not all of us, fell away into our rooms and slept for hours, as if we were bears entering hibernation.

We all gathered around the hallway where we had our devotion before, and had a debrief meeting. We covered what has God revealed to us on the trip, or what captivated our mind. Some people said the poverty, or you realize how blessed you are and how you shouldn't take things for granted; as for me, I find it amazing how God can take my close friends, ones i have met through the sport of soccer, to be able to share God's love through soccer. It blows my mind how each individual player on our team (coming from different families, geographical areas, cultures, languages, and lifestyles) can share their life "story"  and walk, and for us all to be apart of it. I never really looked at this before, but i realized that soccer is a type of cohesive glue that stuck all of us together; at this certain time, we were all able to go to Jamaica and share the Gospel with fellow people who are passionate about soccer. It is mind boggling to fathom that a sport I loved growing up, has a greater purpose then i had ever imaged. Soccer is a tool in which i can plant seeds and build relationships all by the grace of God.

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