Sailfish Ministry Blog: Andrew Kanarr from Jamaica Day Three

Andrew Kanarr

Cheyne Roberts (Pictured, Center) Gathers with some Children as He and His Teammates are Currently in Jamaica for a Missions Trip. Cheyne Roberts (Pictured, Center) Gathers with some Children as He and His Teammates are Currently in Jamaica for a Missions Trip.

KINGSTON, Jamaica- "I am truly blessed" is the first thing that came to Cheyne's mind when he thought about emailing his family. Frankly, I find that the only thing i can type in this blog. Today was a day packed full of God's beauty. We started off the day with a team devotion, was praise and worship followed by a bible study led by Chance. Chance spoke out of 1 John 3:7-8, in the light of how sin is of the devil, and those who are righteous are that of God's divinity. Chance's message really brought in perspective why we were in Jamaica and reminded us how to go about the remainder of our trip.

We then left for The Mustard Seed facility, which was a elementary school, disability orphanage, radio station, and pottery manufacturer. When we first arrive, we had a tour of the facility; stopping by the kids' classrooms while they were still in session, being introduced on the ROOTS 96.1 FM radio station, and playing with the disabled children. In between our tour and services projects, such as revamping the walls of rooms and buildings with a fresh coat of paint, we had the opportunity to hang out with the disabled children from the orphanage. This experience left me completely and utterly speechless. The fact that we could hang out with autistic children and share the love of Christ just by being present and making them smile was such a great blessing. I would be ignorant to think that not everyone on our team was deeply impacted by this experience. We were able to bring smiles to kids faces and love them, where as they might have only receive that from the workers of the orphanage. I can't even describe the feelings that are evoked when one is able to joke around with the kids, make them laugh, and hold their hands. I feel these kids could see the real love of Christ through us; and for whatever suffering they have undergone in the past, was quickly pushed away insight of the true bliss they had. This indeed was truly the biggest blessing of all...

After the service projects, all mayhem broke loose. The little kids, hyper from being in class all day, ran around climbing on all of us as if we were a neighborhood Oak tree. If they weren't asking for us to take their picture, they were asking us to throw them up into the air and catch them. Even though we were all exhausted, we would catch their ear to ear smile and not have any choice but to keep playing.

Nearly 4 or so hours had flown by, and we were on our way back to the hotel to rest before our next game. While we were in the hotel, Jose and Clay went to Jamaica's largest sports broadcast to have their first radio interviews. Both Clay and Jose explained the reason behind why "the foreigners" were in Jamaica. This was such a great way for God's Kingdom to get a large recognition over all of Jamaica. Since the radio interview was broadcast around 4:00pm, 3 completely random nationals had approached our group asking " are you the ones from the radio."

With our 3rd game in 3 days, we were at Real Mona F.C. playing our last game in Kingston. Unfortunately, after a long fought battle and exhaustion on both sides, we tied 0-0. We played well for our third game in 72 hours. After the game, A.J. Mack shared a word with Real Mona. This was A.J. first official international missions trip, but he stepped up and took the leadership role of proclaiming his faith.

This is our last day in Kingston, for now we are heading to the Alpha House and then Trelawny. Stay Tuned!

Andrew Kanarr

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