Sailfish Ministry: Andrew Kanarr from Jamaica Day Two

Andrew Kanarr

KINGSTON, Jamaica- The Palm Beach Atlantic University men's soccer team continues their trip this week in Jamaica as junior defender Andrew Kanarr shares with readers his experiences as the Sailfish continue to try and make an impact in the mission field through athletics.

'Ey- Mon!'

We woke up today at 7:30 to do our personal daily devotions before breakfast. This is a great way to remind us about the purpose of our trip and reflect on how God has worked while we are in Jamaica. Once we finished with our personal devotions, Coach Gomez, the tricky coach he is, threw in a little surprise to our trip. Just finishing breakfast, a familiar face entered the room. It was Clay Roberts, our assistant coach from last year. I think this "little curveball" that coach threw in was a great addition to our team. I view Clay as a respectable man of God, who along with Jose, are great role models for our team to set standards for. Up next on our schedule was the Art Museum; but do to misunderstandings and flexibility (which is required in every mission's trip), we toured downtown Kingston by foot. This allowed us to be fully engulfed by the true culture of Jamaica. Since Baris and Gregory bought us all identical "Palm Beach Atlantic 2009 Mission Tour" shirt, we caused quite the commotion on the streets. Groups of people would approach us asking where we were from, what we were doing there, and the most common question, "Do you love Jamaica?" I don't know how many times i was presented with the opportunity to buy "a pure gold neckless mon" or even the occasional "cell phone chargers" from the so called 'Hustlers.'

About mid-day we arrived at the Alpha Boys' home, which was a boarding school for boys. The whole trip to the Alpha Boys' home had such a Godly presents. We toured the mess hall, living quarters, and work stations they had. The boarding school had its own printing press, which employed the boys to print and manufacture text books, magazines, etc. If the boys didn't choose to work at the printing department, they had the opportunity to work at the carpentry building. We watched one of the boys carve a wooden block into a pen within a 2 minute time span. The administrators said that this allows the boys to have a certain set of skills and the experience which they can use once they leave the boarding school. After the tour, we happened to stumble across their soccer field. Of course we had to play. We started off with a little 5v2 game, between our PBA team. Walking through the campus must of caused a commotion, because the next thing we knew we were playing a 25 verse 25 pick up game. While playing, i couldn't help but stop and think how great this was. A pretty heavy drizzle began which led to an even more picture perfect time. With more then 35 or so kids playing with us, this gave us the perfect  opportunity to share the gospel with them. We had Coach Jose and Clay both share about Christ and the significance of who he is. It was beneficial to witness to these kids at such a young age. We also found out that PBA is the first soccer team to ever make a missions tour in Jamaica through GSM. We are able to plant a seed that both GSM and other missions teams can help grow and build up to glorify God's Kingdom.

After playing a full field scrimmage, we caught lunch, an hours rest, and headed to our soccer game against the U-21 Premier Side of St. Georges. Unfortunately, after a long hard fought battle of both sides scoring and then answering back, we lost 3-2. Our first goal game from Kyle Crouse's placed shot, which was crossed by Chance Sumner from the left side. With both teams having penalty kicks, Joseph Yurchak answered with the second goal. With sophmore Johnathon Strunk in goal for PBA, Joe was able to play right wing, where he then had the "go-ahead" by the coaches to take the penalty kick. After the game, we huddled up, prayed and had Josh Sharpe share a little of his testimony to the kids, along with sharing who Christ is and why we are in Jamaica.

On the bus ride home from dinner; with both coaches, PBA players and the four Jamaican players, we had a little occurrence of the HOT SEAT. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Hot Seat tradition; you pray not to be on the 'Hot Seat'. Players are publicly humiliated in regards to 'sightings' or caught one-on-one interactions with females. I don't believe I'm at liberty to say who or why they were on the Hot Seat, due to fear for my own humiliation. But i can say that this Hot Seat was super Hot!!! The Jamaican boys were rolling over in their chairs laughing at our humor and how we can just joke around like we do.

This is only day two and God seems to be more extravagant and Divine then He was yesterday. We are so thankful for constant support you all give us!

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