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Mark Cabrera

A Few Members of the PBA Men's Soccer Team Pose For a Postgame Picture as they Represent the A Few Members of the PBA Men's Soccer Team Pose For a Postgame Picture as they Represent the

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.- The Palm Beach Atlantic University men's soccer team is now in preparation for the 2008 National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) national tournament which is set to take place next week. Read junior Mark Cabrera's latest blog as he re-caps the weekend that was for the Sailfish men's soccer team.

It is time to make a run at a national title. This weekend’s performance at the South Regional tournament has us all fired up and ready to “do work” in Kissimmee.

A few highlights from the weekend…

The fans were incredible.  Since artificial noisemakers are not allowed, they resorted to making signs. Trey’s “FAIL” sign was quite effective and was definitely a fan favorite, followed by the classic, “Men with Mohawks do it better” sign.

John Clark played out of his mind in the tournament. He came out with a couple goals, a few assists, and a handful of medical bills for the ankles that he left shattered with his ridiculous moves.

Roberto “Paco” Salas (I had to look on the roster to find what his real name was) scored his first goal of the year on a magnificent shot that left the keeper frozen like Hans-Solo.  He smashed through the THREE defenders that surrounded him and drilled the ball into the back of the net.  The best part about his goal was the celebration. Our whole team went wild and surrounded him for a good thirty seconds until the ref finally made us return to our half of the field. Paco, however, stays on their half and continues to celebrate with his patented move…. (See picture)

Dupree has truly grown into his starting role and his looks this weekend were just as mean as his play. I mean who really wants to run at a center back that looks like Chuck Liddell or a right back (Josh Sharpe) that looks like an angry trucker with a Fu-Man-Chu?

Rico and Dodge had a tough time this Saturday. They played well, but left demoralized. I have never seen a set of strikers get so physically abused or heard ANYONE get so verbally abused.

There is only one statement that could be considered more ridiculous than this. You see, we have this thing on the team where we relate seemingly unlike objects to one another. For instance, upon witnessing a striker flick the ball onto an oncoming forward, Rico says, “He has more flicks than Blockbuster.”  This is an art, Jerris is apparently not an artist. Here is his description of a kid on the opposing team with big legs. “He has more calves than a horse farm.”

On a more serious note.  Our defense improved as the weekend went on and earned two shutouts. Our offense looked more potent than ever as we posted 9 goals in two games. Joe spent more time in the goal this year than I did which is quite an improvement from our last regional tournament. (I happened to get laid out by the crossbar and ended up stranded in the net.) Those days are behind us though.  With a week until nationals, our team has never been as focused as we are right now. Morale is high and we are running on all cylinders. This could be the year.


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