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Ashley Morrell

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Junior goalkeeper Ashley Morrell shares with readers her experience with her teammates as they traveled to Houston, Texas for a pair of games along with many other fun times and team bonding. A three-year starter on the Sailfish team, Ashley is a local product from Lake Worth, Florida and Park Vista High School.

Yea I know I’m a bit late but ya know that’s just how I am I guess haha.  But any who to the story:

Even before the trip Coach Kryger challenged all of us to step out of our comfort zone, majorly.  We were each given two Bibles, some girls took three, throughout the course of the trip we were suppose to find people that we thought God was leading us to give these Bibles to.  I was freaking out!  I have never done anything like this ever in my life how am I suppose to give someone that I don’t even know a Bible.  Throughout the trip people were giving away their Bibles and having such success with it, it made me want to be part of it.  So on the last day at our hotel before our flight I was carrying a small conversation with one of breakfast ladies at the hotel.  For some reason I just felt like I needed to give her my Bible, so I did.  She was so excited that I had given it to her it was so great.  She gave me her e-mail and address to keep in contact with her and to send her anything else about God so that she can she share Him with her family.  I can’t wait to help her; by reaching out to one person it will soon grow to many.  Keep looking for those opportunities.

Now the trip: 
Day One:  Plane ride, pictures and hotel.  One thing I love about riding on planes is looking out the window down to the ground.  It opens your eyes to creation and how wonderful it is.(Picture 1). There were two flights that left for Texas, when we all reunited again the first flight had some pretty excited news.  They met Serena Williams, the tennis player, Christina Ibanez even went to the bathroom with her, haha.  But after that excitement we got our luggage and just hung out in the airport taking pictures.  It’s amazing what a long plane ride will do to a bunch of slap happy tired girls haha. Once we get our cars we head to the hotel, the Drury Inn. (Picture 2).  

Day Two:  soccer tennis, giant duck, game day, and night out.  One thing coach gave was an itinerary for the trip.  For this day we had to wake up at 7 o-clock a.m for a 3 o-clock game, this concept still baffles me and the whole team actually, but we were up anyway, just for you coach .  After we all rolled out of bed we headed to a park and got to play soccer tennis, this was so fun!!  So now it’s like 10 o-clock (game time still 3, still don’t get it).  On the way back to the hotel we made a major discovery, there was a humungous duck outside hotel.  What else do you do with a giant duck but take pictures on it; it was so AWESOME (Picture 3).  After picture taking, lunch, and resting time it was time for the game.  Division I school Houston Baptist was waiting (Picture 4).  Angie Torres was put in goal for this game.  She did a great job and tried her best the whole game even though she was suffering from an injury.  Although we did not win everyone did their best and fought all the way to the end.  What better way to cure a loss a night at Dave and Busters restaurant.  It’s a restaurant and an arcade that was surrounded by a mall; you can not get any better than that! (Picture 5)  After a fun night out time to go back and sleep because again we are waking up at 7:30 for a 4 o-clock game, you’re killing me coach.

Day Three:  Impressions and Game Day.  So again wake up early, but this morning the Chaplin from the Houston Texans football team is suppose to come speak to us for a bit, which would have been really cool, but unfortunately he was unable to come.  But no worries, when plans change imitate your coach.  First we played a game called 2 truths and a lie.  It’s just that, split into two teams write 2 truths about yourself and 1 lie and the other team has to figure out which one is the lie.  This game was so fun I learned a lot about my teammates.  Well the losing had to do impressions of Coach Kryger (Picture 6) and Ohmy goodness did we have a blast with this punishment.  You really just had to be there to fully understand the hilariousness of it all.  After a fun day with team bonding it was time for the game.  Texas Southern was the opponent (Picture 7), what an exciting momentous game it was.  In traditional PBA fashion we went to double overtime before finally Batesy (Lindsey Bates) score an amazing goal and Georgia, Angela Polous stood strong and received the first shutout of the season, UH-MaZing!! 

We left that next day ending the trip with a win, so nice.  After arriving back in Florida we all knew we still had two more regular season games.  I’m not sure what happened after this trip but for the last games we have not only won them but each game resulted in a shutout as well.  After all that has happened this season it’s nice to see a good result of all of our hard work.  Keep up the good work girls, greater things have yet to come.  So with regionals right around the corner come see if we keep the streak going, PBA is hosting regionals this year at the Magic Jack Field, so I hope to see you all there showing your support, November 21st and 22nd. 

Ashley Morrell

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