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Michele Kappas

Michele Kappas (Pictured) Fills Readers In on an Exciting Trip to Houston, Texas Over Last Weekend. Photo Courtesy of: Lori Richards. Michele Kappas (Pictured) Fills Readers In on an Exciting Trip to Houston, Texas Over Last Weekend. Photo Courtesy of: Lori Richards.

“The pain of victory is always greater than the pain of defeat.” This is something that coach tells us before every game and in many practices. I think that all of us have admired this quote, a waiting the day that we would be able to agree with it. Saturday we were able to.

 After a tough fight on Friday we entered the stadium to face Texas Southern exhausted but with hopes for a win. We started the game with only one sub, so twelve “healthy players”. Many of you know what this season has been like for us with injuries and I put healthy in quotations because I think I can only count on one hand players that have had nothing wrong with them this season. It has been a tiresome and strenuous battle to overcome this. I think that the one thing that has held us all together is the one common factor we all share: faith.

 A little over a month ago I came across something in my devotional book that I shared with the team. Some of what I shared was…”Jesus often gets your undivided attention when you fail, He sometimes takes you back to your place of defeat in order to build something good in your life…He will give you victory in the midst of your failure..When you try in God’s strength you may discover that success is indeed within your grasp.” Although we went through a long period of losses (some worse than others) I think that God was able to teach us a lot. Our team has bonded tremendously and has grown stronger by relying on one another and looking to God for strength in the midst of our trials. None of us have been satisfied with previous results but I think that everyone can say we learned something from every loss we endured.

 The game Saturday was not an easy win to say the least. It was won through hard work and perseverance. With stepping out of her comfort zone, Angela played an excellent game in goal. SHUTOUT! We had some great opportunities that just missed the goal and continued to keep attacking. Second half the game picked up intensity and our players started getting knocked down one after another. A few of us have some nice cleat marks to prove the game was very physical!

Most of us were relieved when the whistle blew at the 90 mark but then realized we still had overtime to play. You could see in everyone’s faces and body language that we were exhausted but with the little push from our coaches and the passion in everyone’s eyes you could tell we wanted it. This game was ours. We continued to fight until the second overtime. With a few minutes left to go Lindsey Bates made a beautiful shot outside the 18. We watched the ball go up and over the keepers head, hit the crossbar, then bounce in…..GOAL. I think that it took a few seconds for reality to sink in for some…many of us were thinking, “Did that go in? What just happened?” After the initial shock of victory enthusiasm took over our emotions. It felt so good to finally win. Especially a game we deserved to win.

This is only our second win, and another overtime win. How amazing it would be to win in the 90, but that day is coming, and I think we all know it. We have all worked so hard to get where we are now and the feeling going to bed Saturday night, a champion, was indescribable. We can only improve from here. Coach told us at the beginning of the season that he was not expecting us to have an outstanding start of the season and blow everyone away. He wanted us to peak in Regionals and Nationals. They are right around the corner…less than a month away, and I think that we are finally ready for what lies ahead!

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Michele Kappas

-Hebrews 12:1 b “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

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