In the Life of a Fish: Alex Regin

Alex Regin

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.- Sophomore defender Alex Regin shares with readers in the latest addition of the Sailfish Student-Athlete blogs on Out for the season after an injury cut short her sophomore season, Regin shares her views and thoughts from the sidelines during PBA's recent trip to Houston, Texas for a pair of games against Division I opponents.

From the get-go, the trip was a blast! Pictures started at the Greene Complex with our one and only photographer Ashley Morrell lol.. (And yea Ash, I saw the one of me sleeping in the chair, haha real funny).  The trip on the plane was fun; I sat up front and talked to the flight attendant most of the time. As we were talking, I discovered that she was Mormon. I realized that the best thing I could do was to really show her God’s true love by just listening to her and asking her questions about herself. Even though our beliefs disagreed, we were able to share what we believed in and we both left with a greater understanding of each others faith. I believe that you are going to come across a lot of people who don’t agree with the Christian faith and the best thing to do is turn it into an opportunity to glorify God by your actions and learn from it. God willing, some may give their life to Jesus, but some may not. The only things we really can do are plant seeds in people’s lives and ask God to water those seeds.
When we got to the Texas airport, we had a lot of fun. We took a lot of pictures while waiting for our coaches to get the rental cars. Also, we got bibles to pass out to people before we left at school and we got a lot of positive results. Brandi Bianco got to give one to an older gentleman that she sat next to on the airplane. He was really thankful when she presented it to him and he told her that he was going to look our team up and follow our games. In addition, Angela Poulos got to impact a lady that worked in the baggage claim at the Texas Airport. It all started when the lady asked her about our team verse, which was on the back of our shirts, Romans 12:5- So in Christ, we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. The lady was like “I love that verse.” They had a few words and then Angela started walking away and realized, “OPPORTUNITY!!” Angela walked backed to the lady and handed her a bible and the lady was so awed that she started crying and told Angela that she had no idea what that bible meant to her and her family. The lady was so thankful and told her that God is working through our team and that we are impacting people. YAY Angela!!... Not to mention that during this time, Holly, Ibz, Christy, and Angela were in a scavenger hunt to find Holly’s long lost suit case, hehehe. So after Angela got to minister to this woman,                                                              she was able to help them recover the lost baggage. It’s funny how God works things out and I love it! If Holly never lost her suit case, Angela would have never saw the lady. This was really encouraging.
Shortly after, we arrived at the hotel and got some grub and then hit the sack to get some rest for the next day. 

We woke up Friday morning and had a team breakfast at the hotel and then a team practice. The practice was to help us get moving for our game later in the afternoon and it was a lot of fun. The girls got to do a light jog, stretch, and play soccer volleyball.

Afterwards, when we got back to the hotel, someone spotted a huge duck statue and our team took pictures with it! It was really funny, we have some real characters on our team. For lunch we all walked across the street from the hotel to go eat lunch at Quiznos. 
At 3 pm, our game against Huston Baptist began. From the start we played pretty good. Since Ashley is still out due to her injury, Torres stepped in to play keeper with a pulled quad…way to stick it out and play hard ‘T’!! You da BOMB!! We were in the game and kept most of the possession in the first half. However, towards the end of the 1st half, we gave up a goal. Despite being down, we kept on fighting through it.

In the 2nd half, we came out strong, but not to long after Houston scored four more goals to give them the victory. The score of this game doesn’t show all the hard work and effort that our players put into it. Believe me it’s not fun losing, but sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to. God just reminded me of this scripture, I’m not sure where it is in the Bible, but it goes “In this world you will have many trials and tribulations, but take heart I have overcome the world.” I believe as a team we have been going through trials and tribulations. Though we haven’t been winning, we have hope in God that it will turn around. As we continue to look to him and persevere, He enables us to forget the past, learn from our mistakes and press on toward our goal.

Later we got to go eat at David Busters which was a lot of fun!! We all got dressed up nice and took pictures. Everyone looked PRETTY!!  There was a game place inside the restaurant which we got to go and play after eating!! It was a fun way of bringing our team closer by playing each other in games and having endless laughter that we will never forget. Kuhn, J Ro and I played each other in a car race, haha that was a lot of fun.
J Ro won, I came in 2nd, and Kuhn came in last…sorry…(don’t ever drive with Brandi and Ibz played Dance Dance Revolution…haha way to work it girls!!

On Saturday morning, our team went to another hotel for breakfast because there was going to be a speaker talking to us. However, the speaker didn’t show up. God really showed our team favor and we still got to eat breakfast in the meeting room at the Hotel. Despite the sudden change of plans, we got to have more team bonding. Coach came up with a cool game where he split us up into two teams. Each person had to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves and the opposite team had to pick out what the lie was. It really got us to think because some people know us more than others, so we had to think of things our teammates don’t know about us. My team ended up winning so we got to choose their punishment for losing. The punishment was that each of the girls on the other team had to do their impersonation of coach! Haha it was hilarious. Everyone had fun with it!! Then we started improv with things coach found around the room; this added so much more to our laughter.
We went back to the hotel and relaxed after breakfast and then around 1 we ate lunch at the hotel and went for a walk to get our lactic acid out before our game later in the evening.

For our second game we played Texas Southern University. WE WON!!!! This game was a hard fought battle. Each of our girls played their heart out and gave it their all. The game was scoreless in both the 1st and 2nd half, so we went into overtime where BATES SCORED THE WINNING GOAL!!! Yea GIRL!!! Way to GO!!! It was a high shot outside the 18 yd box that hit the keeper’s hand, then the cross bar and into the goal!!  AWESOME!! Angela Poulos had a shut out, too!! GOOD JOB GIRL… All our hard work and perseverance paid off and this game helped motivate us to keep pressing forward. I’m excited for what lies ahead
Also, after the game I know Bates went and gave one of her bibles to one of the girls on the other team. “The girl was a captain and basically had the best attitude on the field,” Bates said. The girl thanked Bates and wished her a good trip back. I got to give one of my bibles away that night, too. I went to their training room before the game to get some ice with Holly and some of the other girls came too to get treatment (by the way…I LOVE HOLLY!!..she is pretty much AWESOME!!). The trainer for the other team was in there and God put in my heart that I could give her my bible. I didn’t do it right away though, however, after the game an opportunity presented it self when she walked over to our side. I walked up to her and told her that the Lord put it on my heart to give her a Bible and that she was really sweet and helpful earlier. At first she was kind of startled and then she said thanks. I pray that God will touch her life through his word.
We got back to the hotel and we were all tired, so we went back to our rooms to shower and coach brought us dinner at the hotel and we ate there. Then, we all went to bed
On Sunday, we woke up, had breakfast and before we left the hotel to come back to West Palm, Angela Poulos yet again touched another woman’s life! Angela presented a bible to one of the workers and she received it with open arms. YAY!! The woman was really enthusiastic and excited about Jesus! She was like, “Honey, I’ll talk from Genesis all the way to Revelation!!”,hahaha, AMEN! I love this!

Then we got on the plane to head back home and there were two beautiful ladies who just blessed my life when I got on the plane. They were sitting behind me and we just started talking. They were on their way to West Palm to celebrate one of the ladies birthdays. However, I ended up switching my seat with one of our girls before the plane took off so I could have more leg room for my knee. That was a blessing! Cause where I was sitting I had like no leg room, (Thanks Jenny!). During the plane ride, it dawned on me, I could give them a Bible! But they left before I could see them again. So now I’m just waiting to see where the Lord directs me to give the Bibles. The plane ride was really nice. All the flight attendants were really generous and the snack we had on the plane was the best meal I had ever had on a plane! Thank you Lord!

Looking back from the start of the trip I realized all the favor God had given us. The people we came across were very generous, helpful, and kind. We are truly blessed and I am so thankful to be apart of a team where I feel like I’m in a family. The memories from this trip will last with me forever! I love these girls and our coaches and out marvelous trainer, HOLLY!! It wouldn’t be the same with out you guys!

Alex Regin

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