In the Life of a Fish: Brittany Gahan

Brittany Gahan

Before every game our coach either gives each of us a paper or hangs it on the door outside to our locker room. On this sheet of paper there are quotes, either passages from the bible or quotes relating to the theme that coach is trying to teach us. On the way to the game against Tampa coach handed us this specific sheet of paper. The main thing that our coach was trying to convey to us this game was our Christ was our rock. He wrote “Today let us remember we can not be destroyed but today we can conquer. Prepare for a battle and the storms. We are a unit, a team, one, through unity we cannot be broken. We are unified by Christ our Savior. The Rock.”

We all knew that it was going to be a very tough game, definitely a battle, but we were all willing to fight hard in order to come out with a victory. It has been especially hard this season losing games, especially games that we could have one. But despite what has already happened thus far, the whole team was eager to play Tampa.

Unfortunately the game did not turn out in our favor. We ended up losing to Tampa 3-0. It was a tough game to say the least and every single one of my teammates put up a good fight. Each person that was on the field played their hardest and did not give up once the whole time they were out there. With 20 seconds left on the clock I still heard my teammates screaming for the ball to be played quickly to try and get a goal, even though there would be to chance of winning. It was just great hearing all the girls still try and finish strong against Tampa up until the last second of the game instead of just giving up and accepting defeat. I felt as though for this game it was clearly evident that Christ was our Rock and that we were truly unified by Him during this game.

At the end of the game both teams came together and prayed, which I always enjoy. Afterwards we had some good food waiting for us, provided by Mr. Bianco, and then we settled in for a long bus ride back home. The ride back was calming on the charter bus, which we all enjoyed, and every one just relaxed with the movie Iron Man playing. But what was waiting for us in an email was our coach telling us how well we did against Tampa and that he was proud of us. He also encouraged us to not give up on a ultimate goal, which is to win regionals and nationals, a goal that I think we are still capable of achieving. This email was definitely uplifting to all of the girls as we all struggle with a tough loss after a game.

Here’s another quote was put on the paper. “Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary, but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else.” If anything, maybe this is the kind of champion that the PBA women’s soccer team is meant to be this season.


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