In the Life of a Fish: Christina Ibanez

Christina Ibanez

Senior starting defender Christina Ibanez shares her thoughts about the recent action for the Palm Beach Atlantic University women's soccer team. A starting defender over the past few seasons, Ibanez is a player who rarely comes off the field and helps lead the teams defensive effort. See as she shares her thoughts in today's Sailfish Student-Athlete blog.

Ups and Downs. Not much more to say. Soccer is a game of mistakes and opportunities. On any given day, despite the odds stacked against one, anyone can win. And anyone can lose. It’s up to the winners to capitalize on the opportunities and for those who lose to let them slip through your fingers. 

It’s much like life. We all make mistakes but it’s evened out with opportunities. The ability for one to minimize these mistakes and increase their opportunities is the key to success.

Our season, our games, our practices, our daily lives is a reflection of these mistakes and opportunities. We have made the mistakes but more importantly we have also seized many of the opportunities.

As a senior, it’s been an ongoing struggle since my freshmen year class. The senior class of this year has experienced it all. The last second game winning goals against teams we clearly upset in the statistics. The loss to others who we clearly dominated and the continuous trips to the NCCAA knowing that each year we should be playing for first place.

We can only sit back and reflect on how we should be there and how we should have won that 50/50 and how we should have not let that goal go in or how we should have scored that goal. I’m tired of living in that world. My teammates are tired of living in that world. 

Stuff happens. That is clearly obvious. And even if one was to break it down detail to detail, it still can’t explain or justify why stuff happens. All I know is that one can’t understand or explain everything all the time. The Lord does not intend for us to understand why things either do or do not happen. He thinks beyond the smaller picture and sees how these trials and tribulations are not us taking steps backwards but just the opposite stumbling forward until one day when we will be able to run the straight and the narrow.

Until then we will continue to pick our heads up, we will continue to be each others support and strength during these times, and we will celebrate in the events and days to come because the Lord never puts anyone in situations that they cant handle, that they cannot overcome because He is with them. All along the way.


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