In the Life of a Fish: Liz Kendig

Liz Kendig

Liz Kendig (Pictured, Right) is of the Sailfish Leaders On and Off the Field this Season. Photo Courtesy of: Lori Richards. Liz Kendig (Pictured, Right) is of the Sailfish Leaders On and Off the Field this Season. Photo Courtesy of: Lori Richards.

If you have looked at our schedule thus far, one could see that we are playing some of the highest ranked teams in the NCAA Division II.  We have been tested physically and spiritually as a team.  We’ve been through bad calls, red cards, injuries, and torment by other teams.  Is it because we are a Christian University?  Is it because of who we represent on and off the field?


Before the game on Saturday, our coach posted a sign on the locker room door; one of the phrases stated: “Make the soccer field your place of worship today- Bring glory to God with your performance, be prepared for today’s challenges on the field as we are called upon to be as Christians in every-day life.”  Not unless you listen closely and watch intently, spectators cannot see the keeper on the other team punch our forwards in the sides before a corner kick, or the midfielders mumble profanities, or forwards spitting in our defenders face when they loose the ball.  Sometimes it’s hard to turn the other cheek.  We have to remember that the opposing team and others are watching and waiting for us to react.  Like the quote stated, the soccer field is our mission field, and we must be role models on the field. 

In our game, we pulled every aspect of training together and integrated every player as a unit.  We were successful because we worked together.  If I can state correctly, this was the first game against Lynn in PBA history that we did not lose.  Angie Kuhn scored our goal off a corner kick, and Ashley Morrell held off the Lynn offense with amazing saves throughout the game.  The midfielders ran, and ran some more in the heat of the middle of the day. 

Not only did we play against Lynn, we played our alumni immediately following our one hundred and twenty minute match.  As much as I was dreading playing more soccer afterwards, the forty minute, small- sided scrimmage was worth while.  We were able to meet alumni from the first women’s soccer team at PBA.  We found one went on to play semi-pro, and others were active members in helping soccer organizations within the community.  Being a senior, the fellowship we had with the alumni gives me something to look forward to in the future.  As I graduate this May, I still have something to hold on to: a family.

If we continue to be patient, we shall reap the benefits later in the season.

John Quincy Adams wrote: “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” 

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