In the Life of a Fish: Mark Cabrera

Mark Cabrera

The Fish are Currently in Colorado Awaiting Their 2008 Season Debut.The Fish are Currently in Colorado Awaiting Their 2008 Season Debut.

Lets just start off by saying that the greatest part of every team is the individuality of those who comprise it. Our team has no shortage of this individuality. Today we embarked on our first road trip of the season. I was unaware how difficult it could be to send eighteen young men half way across the country. Eleven hours, six naps, and close to forty of Rico’s bad jokes later; we arrive in Colorado.

It seems that the highlights of intercollegiate sports often occur on away trips. There is no better bonding time between athletes than a four day trip away from friends and family where the only interaction with other individuals occurs with the front service help at Wendy’s or Subway (Coach knows of no other dining establishments).

Back to the trip, the purpose of these blogs is to give “outsiders” an “insiders” look at what happens within our team. So here are a few key moments that have already been engraved into my memory within the last twelve hours.

Nick Rasek, our resident Englishman, was almost deported for not knowing how to pass through airport security.

Enrico Zanella tried to convince that woman at Burger King that he should eat free because he was the “bus driver”. It didn’t work to well seeing as the woman had just watched our team get off the PLANE.

Upon our arrival in Charlotte for a quick five-hour layover (sarcasm), a few of us become curious about a secret door with the words “U.S. Airways EXCLUSIVE Club… Members Only”.  We were greeted by an angel in a business suit. Rico and I were able to convince her to take a few of us guys on a tour of this place. Little did we know that we would spend the next three hours living as airline royalty. Free Sunchips ™, LazyBoys ™, AND clean restrooms were now at our immediate disposal.

Now its time to get some sleep, training tomorrow in the high altitude should do quite the number on our lungs. It’s a good thing we had free Sunchips ™ to tide us over until game time.


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