PBA Annual Athletics Awards Night 2016

Written By: TJ Budd, Sports Information Director

Courtesy Ron Hilliard

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Palm Beach Atlantic University Athletic Department hosted their annual Awards Banquet on Sunday evening at the West Palm Beach Improv. The night celebrated the best and brightest from PBA athletics and served as a culmination to the past year, highlighing both accomplishments on the field and in the classroom. A total of 17 awards were handed out to the student-athletes on the evening.

In addition, the annual Chi Alpha Sigma honors were bestowed on a select group of high academic achievers as new and returning members were inducted into the collegiate society.

In order to be inducted a student-athlete must maintain 3.4 or higher cumulative grade-point average throughout their junior and senior years. New members (juniors) inducted received a pin of recognition while the returning members (seniors) received a chord to wear during graduation recognizing them as a member of Chi Alpha Sigma.

The Sailfish Athletic Department annually hands out eight awards, one each for a male and female student-athlete in eight different categories. This year a new award was added, the Workship Award, to honor the individual who serves in the community and aligning the athletics department with the school's mission to serve.

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Below are the nominees and winners of each award.

Athlete of the Year: Awarded to the male and female student-athletes who are considered the top performers at the University.
Winners: Faith Rohn (Volleyball) and Lucas Coutinho (Men's Soccer). Finalists: Dominic Monda (Baseball), Nicolas Uryson (Men's Tennis), Janelle Cannon (Women's Basketball), Victoria Gonzalez (Softball). Other Nominees: Ben Murray (Men's Golf), Kasey Wyer (Women's Soccer), Rachael Holehouse (Volleyball).

President’s Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete with outstanding academic achievements while contributing to their team’s athletic success.
Winners: Ben Murray (Men's Golf) and Amber Johnson (Softball). Finalists: Michael O'Sullivan (Men's Soccer), Peter Rivera (Baseball), Alyssa Hearing (Women's Cross Country), Karina White (Women's Soccer). Other Nominees: Emma Ballantyne (Volleyball), Taylor Conti (Women's Tennis), Theresa Butler (Softball).

Athletic Director’s Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete who has exemplified the Christian values on and off the field of competition along with upholding the academic and athletic standards of the Palm Beach Atlantic University Athletics Department.
Winners: Jermaine Metz (Men's Soccer) and Stephany Brown (Volleyball). Finalists: Phil DiLandro (Baseball), Fernando Arroyo (Men's Tennis), Bridget Wollrabe (Women's Soccer), Michaela Mignemi (Women's Tennis). Other Nominees: Michael Simpson (Men's Basketball), Lexi Fenton (Women's Cross Country), Natalie Wood (Women's Basketball), Stephanie D'Cruz (Women's Soccer), Rachel Hill (Softball), Emma Ballantyne (Volleyball).

Clark Boetel Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete who represents the University with outstanding attitude, leadership and servant-hood.
Winners: Zac Sitler (Men's Soccer) and Taylor Buchanan (Women's Basketball). Finalists: Malek Barber (Men's Basketball), Sam Dillon (Baseball), Niki Carmean (Women's Soccer), Rachel Hill (Softball). Other Nominees: Marcos Perez (Baseball), Sarah Ragland (Volleyball), Alyssa Hearing (Women's Cross Country).

Don Harp Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete who is a rising senior who has excelled in competition and demonstrated outstanding Christian leadership.
Winners: Ben Murray (Men's Golf) and Alyssa Hearing (Women's Cross Country). Finalists: Jared Skinner (Men's Soccer), Sean Visconti (Baseball), Bridget Wollrabe (Women's Soccer), Kayla Knight (Softball). Other Nominees: Katie Ballantyne (Volleyball), Maja Jovic (Women's Tennis), Valerie Nagovitcina (Women's Tennis).

Gary Carter Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete that has a love and respect for the game, plays with enthusiasm and heart and is a good role model on and off the field or court. Must have credible statistics.
Winners: Tom Gavin (Men's Soccer), Nicolas Uryson (Men's Tennis) and Rachael Holehouse (Volleyball). Finalists: Peter Rivera (Baseball), Ayanna Holmes (Women's Basketball), Kasey Wyer (Women's Soccer). Other Nominees: Derick Yepes (Men's Basketball), Daniel Langley (Men's Golf), Stephany Brown (Volleyball), Brianna Rano (Softball).

Rookie of the Year: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete who performs at a high-level and makes a sizeable impact for their team as a first-year player.
Winners: Bakari Warthen (Men's Basketball) and Ally Rohn (Volleyball). Finalists: Oscar Farias (Men's Soccer), Hendrik Burmeister (Men's Tennis), Hannah Grim (Women's Basketball), Tracy Peyton (Women's Golf). Other Nominees: Sophia Miller (Women's Cross Country), Kathi Tesar (Women's Tennis), Maddie Bertisch (Softball).

Strength and Conditioning Award: Given to a male and female student-athlete who increases or improves their physical fitness through a high commitment level and hard work.
Winners: Nigel Sydnor (Men's Basketball) and Lauren Alberti (Volleyball).

Workship Award: Given to the student-athlete with the most Workship hours.
Winner: Stephany Brown (Volleyball).

Chi Alpha Sigma:

Returning Members:
Taylor Buchanan (Women's Basketball)
Natalie Wood (Women's Basketball)
Thersea Butler (Softball)
Amber Johnson (Softball)
Elizabeth Gonzalez (Women's Soccer)
Carson Mitchell (Women's Soccer)
Kasey Wyer (Women's Soccer)
Faith Rohn (Volleyball)
Stephany Brown (Volleyball)
Rachael Holehouse (Volleyball)

Thersea Butler and Amber Johnson were also Medallion winners with the highest cummulative GPA in the graduating class.

New inductees for 2016:
Sean Horner (Baseball)
Eric Russell (Baseball)
Karina Langer (Softball)
Shelby Wood (Softball)
Kayla Knight (Softball)
Karina White (Women's Soccer)
Bridget Wollrabe (Women's Soccer)
Alyssa Hearing (Women's Soccer)
Emma Ballantyne (Volleyball)
Katie Ballantyne (Volleyball)
Alexandra Roberts (Volleyball)
Maja Jovic (Women's Tennis)
Jermaine Metz (Men's Soccer)
Michael O'Sullivan (Men's Soccer)
Andrew Peterson (Men's Golf)
Benjarong Murray (Men's Golf)

Banquet Videos

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