Sailfish Softball Diaries from Nicaragua Day Two

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.- The Palm Beach Atlantic University softball team is currently away from Florida as they are taking part in a missions trip to Nicaragua. This short dialog allows everyone to keep up with their travels as well as catch a glimpse into their ministry. The softball team is being led on the trip by James Kryger with nine girls on the journey.

Today’s entry is from junior, Mary Pippin.

Today we woke up at 6:45 am to the sound of the breakfast bell where we had cereal, fruit and of course rice and beans. After breakfast we hurried to get ready to take our 30-45 minute walk with a group from Pastor Torre Fuerte's church. We walked through the market place and towards the bus that took us to the pastor's daughter's house where we dropped off our packed lunches and got ready to head towards the softball field. We played a couple games and Camille shared her testimony with the crowd who were watching and playing in our games.

After the games we walked back to the pastor's daughter's house to eat some lunch and we all prepared a skit for their backyard bible study. We did a skit about King Nebuchadnezzar and the fiery furnace. Chelsie was the idol who King Nebuchadnezzar (Mary) ordered everyone to bow down to.  Shadrach: (Mackenzie), Meshaek (Brittany) and Abednigo (Lauren), refused to bow down to Chelsie and one of the king's followers (Brianna). They told the king about the three and they were ordered to the furnace. When the soldiers (Kara and Brianna) took them to the furnace they "burned" instantly and died but Shadrach, Meshaek and Abednigo weren't even touched. Jesus (Mari) was witnessed inside the furnace with them and once the king heard of this he said that everyone should bow down and worship Jesus and not the idol. After the skit Camille translated trivia questions about the skit and some other general bible questions and we passed out prizes for correct answers.

After VBS we headed back in to town and got to make a few phone calls back home. After the phone calls we went to get ice cream! We finally got back home and showered just in time for the dinner bell where we had beef and carrot stew, mashed potatoes and white rice. After dinner we went to the worship room to participate in an all Spanish Young Life session. The kids had a lot of games and songs and it ended in an inspirational story told by one of the leaders of Young Life.

We had a great day even though we've been terrorized by a mouse for the past couple of days!

- Mary Pippin

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