Four Sailfish Runners Named to Independent Collegiate Athletics Association Listing

Written By: Michael Brown, Assistant A.D. for Athletic Communications

(L-R) Faith Warren, Kourtney Sumner, Katherine Harvey, and Jessica Sexton Were Each Named to the Independent Collegiate Athletic Association (ICAA) All-ICAA Team. (L-R) Faith Warren, Kourtney Sumner, Katherine Harvey, and Jessica Sexton Were Each Named to the Independent Collegiate Athletic Association (ICAA) All-ICAA Team.

TIFFIN, OHIO- The Independent Collegiate Athletic Association (ICAA) and director Mike Bond announced on Thursday this year’s All-ICAA for women’s cross country. The ICAA is made up of all NCAA Division II Independent institutions as a way for student-athletes of these universities to be honored for their accomplishments in their sport. Juniors Faith Warren and Katherine Harvey as well as freshmen Kourtney Sumner and Jessica Sexton were each named to the All-ICAA team.

The ICAA named 12 women’s cross country runners to the All-ICAA team with PBA managing four of the top-12 times of the season in the women’s 5,000 meters. This showing saw the team finish second to the University of Central Oklahoma for the team title as UCO finished with 31 points to PBA’s 48 points.

The ICAA is made up of the following members for the 2011-12 academic year: Black Hills State University, the University of Central Oklahoma, Central State University, Lindenwood University, Notre Dame College, Oakland City University, Palm Beach Atlantic, Urbana College, Ursuline College, and Washington Adventist University.

Warren finished fourth overall in the women’s participants with a season-best time of 19:28 while Sumner was sixth in the listing with a season-best 19:35 time.

Harvey was in ninth place with a season-best of 19:42 while Sexton rounded out the listing in 12th place with a time of 19:56.

UCO freshmanBrooke Klimek ran the fastest time of the season at 18:37 to be named ICAA Freshman of the Year and ICAA Runner of the Year while her coach, J.D. Martin took home Coach of the Year honors.

Team Standings
Central Oklahoma 1 5 7 8 10 31
Palm Beach Atlantic 4 6 9 12 17 48
Lindenwood 2 18 20 22 24 86
Black Hills State 3 14 16 29 31 93
Ursuline 21 23 26 30 32 132
Notre Dame College 15 19 36 40 43 153
Washington Adventist 27 37 39 41 48 192
Oakland City 38 44 45 52 58 237
Urbana 47 51 53 54 55 260
Central State 42 59 60 61 62 284

Individual Standings
Klimek, Brooke COU 1 18:37.00x
Chibanda, Tanya LIN 1 18:51.10x
Dickson, Courtney BHSU 1 19:09.99x
Warren, Faith PBA 1 19:28.30x
Hawkins, Bailey COU 2 19:32.00x
Sumner, Kourtney PBA 2 19:35.97x
Braley, Heather COU 3 19:40.00x
Martinez, Agelica COU 4 19:40.08x
Harvey, Katherine PBA 3 19:42.47x
Cox, Cara COU 5 19:46.00x
Skocik, Jacquilynne COU 6 19:53.48x
Sexton, Jessica PBA 4 19:56.50x
Kerns, Katie COU 7 19:59.97x
Carpenter, Leia BHSU 2 20:01.00x
Volk, Mary NDC 1 20:04.00x
Bordewyck, LeighAnne BHSU 3 20:05.00x
Kittell, Danielle PBA 5 20:35.90x
Shinohara, Ai LIN 2 20:50.45x
Strole, McKenna NDC 2 20:58.00x
Heidorn, Courtney LIN 3 21:06.92x
Dunn, Madgie URS 1 21:21.68x
Howe, Caitlin LIN 4 21:25.38x
Brobst, Katie URS 2 21:29.54x
Ching, Jessica LIN 5 21:29.95x
Rottler, Nicole LIN 6 21:31.90x
Goans, Jennette URS 3 21:51.53x
Pannucio, Danielle WAU 1 21:56.00x
Walsh, Sarah PBA 6 22:07.68x
Chase, Courtney BHSU 4 22:08.00x
Dingman, Erica URS 4 22:20.58x
Gross, Courtney BHSU 5 22:40.79x
Turner, Samantha URS 5 22:42.86x
White, Ashlyn BHSU 6 22:47.00x
Good, Susan LIN 7 22:47.00x
Condon, Taylor BHSU 7 22:51.00x
Melzer, Fran NDC 3 23:10.00x
Morgan, Mellissa WAU 2 23:10.00x
Thompson, Kerri OCC 1 23:22.65x
Carasco, Angie WAU 3 23:25.00x
Neigh, Courtney NDC 4 23:31.19x
Jackson, Trisha WAU 4 23:44.00x
Brown, Brittany CSU 1 23:49.98x
Torres, Annette NDC 5 23:54.39x
Sigman, Sarah OCC 2 24:12.00x
Green, Alisha OCC 3 24:13.14x
Oravec, Amanda URS 6 24:38.53x
Bell, Melissa URB 1 24:48.47x
Smith, Shantese WAU 5 24:58.00x
Gonzales, Crystal WAU 6 25:22.00x
Kramer, Beverly WAU 7 25:59.00x
White, Sara URB 2 26:49.14x
Smith, Shanda OCC 4 27:21.15x
Lynch, Liz URB 3 27:36.23x
Bond, Chelsea URB 4 27:37.62x
St. Clair, Sarah URB 5 28:09.30x
Thomas, Jessica URB 6 29:23.73x
Diemer, Kaylen URB 7 29:33.73x
Harmon, Katie OCC 5 29:56.77x
Thomas, Anique CSU 2 32:15.07x
Wilson, Carmalita CSU 3 32:34.95x
Washington, Tranette CSU 4 32:38.76x
Hayes, LaKeitra CSU 5 35:58.81x

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